Hey, I'm Peter, a photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY. Photographing people is my number one passion, though, my attention varies wildly as I observe the world throughout the day. Cats, dogs, birds and other creatures... I love photographing those too. The last name is Polish and pronounced something like Jack-a-bow-ski.

Growing up in Wisconsin, I've gone from rural America to NYC. I'm trying really hard to kick the Midwestern accent because New York definitely feels like home. I travel a bit and wander a lot. Check out my Instagram to see what I've been up to lately.

Here's a quick list with a few of my interests and accomplishments:
• BFA in Photography from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
• Runner. Races the mile, 4:28 PR.
• Loves shooting film in the digital age.
• Wakes up to coffee, preferably brewed in a Chemex.

peter@peterjakubowski.com  (262) 470-5636

Contact me by e-mail or phone:


(262) 470-5636