I'm an editorial, lifestyle, and headshot photographer based out of New York, NY with experience in higher education photography. While working as a "Digital Asset Manager / Photographer" at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), I produced award winning photography that creatively captured life at the university. I also specialize in managing photos. I love to catalog film and digital photographs, which is a good thing because you can't always be taking pictures. With that said, my number one passion is to get behind a camera and photograph whatever it is that's in front of it. Life offers an unlimited number of visually interesting things and I'm all about giving them credit.

Here's a quick list with a few of my interests and accomplishments:
• BFA in Photography from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
• Runner. Races the mile, 4:28 PR.
• Loves shooting film in the digital age.
• Wakes up to coffee, preferably brewed in a French press.